The Cobra Family Genealogy

Today: 18-05-2024

Maria José & Rubem Queiroz Cobra
authors of Um Comerciante do Século XVIII

Domingos Rodrigues Cobra, Portuguese merchant whose descendents still live in Portugal, in the U.S.A. and in Brazil, is one of the most outstanding figures of the Cobra family at the end of the seventeenth and the beginnings of the eighteenth centuries. As part of a huge wave of migration to South Portugal his family fled Nespereira at the time the persecution of the converted Jews in the Diocese of Lamego became the hardest in the country.

Domingos traveled between Lisbon, Bahia and Rio de Janeiro and probably Luanda for many years, with temporary stops at Almada, his homeland, were he died in 1749. In Brazil, he was of great help to the governor of the Mines of São Paulo, Dom Pedro Miguel de Almeida Portugal: apparently most of the governor’s private business – which supposedly have made of him a rich man – was conducted by Domingos as his proxy.

Domingos Rodrigues Cobra life and times, his ancestors and descendents in Portugal and Brazil, his travels and businesses are the subject of the book my wife and I have published together. We remain interested in any data regarding the subject of our research: the Cobra family. It spread from Portugal to many countries such as England, Finland, Canada, the U.S.A. and others, besides Brazil.


We have some references to start with in Canada.

According to Nelson J. Cobra, who lived at Gibsons, British Columbia, and moved to Creston, B.C. his branch originated in Ukraine with the spelling “Kobra”.

1. Phillip Kobra, lived in Ukraine where he raised his children, and later migrated to Argentina. Sons:

2.1 Alexander Cobra, who emigrated to England, supposedly never married and died in the late 1970’s or 80’s;

2.2 John Cobra,

2.3 Nicholas Cobra, who came do Canada and supposedly has never married or had children.

John Cobra (2.2) came do Canada, and was the father of two:

3.1 Stephan;

3.2 Anne;

Stephan Cobra, of Oshawa, Ontario (3.1) was married with three children:

4.1 Nelson;

4.2 Stephan-Richard;

4.3 Carl

Anne (3.2) was married and has three children. Two of them are married and one has children as well.

We would like to contact, or get information about, J. Cobra, Kitchener, Ontario.


In the U.S.A. we are searching data on James Cobra, who married Catharine Beckman in New York on June 12, 1758. The 1860 American census points to a few more: A. Cobra, in South Carolina; António Cobra, José Anastácio Cobra, José F. Cobra, Josefa Cobra, Juan A. Cobra, Juan Felipe Cobra, Juana Maria Cobra, Maria Dolores Cobra and Rosalia Cobra in New Mexico.

The 1880 census has Firman Cobra and Joseph Cobra in Ohio.

Telephone Directories show Enderson Cobra, Tempe, Arizona; Branco Boris Cobra, Oakland; E. Cobra and Michael Cobra, Riverside, California; D. Cobra, Miami, Florida; Van C. Cobra, Lavonia, Georgia; Lanes Cobra, Farley, Iowa;

Jose Marcos Cobra, East Boston, Massashusetts; Hobson Cobra, New Haven, Michigan; B. Cobra, New Windsor, Nova York; Frank Cobra, Johnston, Rhode Island; Zand Cobra, Houston, and Sanchez Cobra, Ozona, Texas; Jarvis Cobra, Green Bay, Wisconsin. In the United States Social Security list, George Cobra, b. 1937 and d. 1995.

From the site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: International Genealogical Index

Martha Cobrow. Spouse: Daniel Riggs. Marriage: 29 Oct 1689 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Catharina Cobra. Spouse: Johannes Stauch. Marriage: 3 Sep 1758 St Michaels & Zions Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cobry. Spouse: Goodlin. Marriage: 24 Mar 1853 Appanoose, Iowa

James Cobra. Birth: 9 Oct 1860 Bordentown Twp, Burlington, New Jersey. Father: Disbro Cobra. Mother: Sarah

William Cobry – Birth: 23 Apr 1866 Arcade, Wyoming, New York. Father: Charles Cobry. Mother: Fitzgerald

Kate E. Cobry – Birth: 1868 Of, East Arcade, Wyoming, New York

Christina Kobrow. Spouse: Carl Rothe. Marriage: 10 Mar 1876 Buchanan, Missouri

Kate E. Cobry. Spouse: Frank J. Gunn. Marriage: Abt. 1889 <of, East Arcade>, Wyoming, New York

Tryphosa Estell Cobra. Birth: 18 Jul 1891 Summerton, Clarendon, South Carolina. Father: Alexandra(?) Canty Cobra. Mother: Harriot Virgina Hodge Cobra

Julian Cobra. Birth: 31 Mar 1895 Summerton, Clarendon, South Carolina. Father: Alexandra(?) Canty Cobra. Mother: Harriot Virgina Hodge Cobra


The third great center of commerce in Western Europe, London attracted a large settlement of Jews in the Middle Ages. Their increasing in number suscitated reaction in several different occasions.

The Jewish faith had been banned on the British Isles in 1300, by an edict of Edward I. With the Jewish faith outlawed, the people were forced underground. They would adopt and practice a Christian faith, generating an appearance of Christianity, and at the same time they would practice their true faith in secret. Full traditional services were held in the basements of houses throughout London, and a secret synagogue was maintained at Antwerp.

During Elizabeth’s reign, the Jews of England were, for the most part, Marrano merchants, who had fled to England to escape the Inquisition and the wrath of Phillip II of Spain. They descended from baptized Portuguese and Spanish Jews who publicly professed Christianity (in order to stay alive), but secretly practiced Judaism. There were approximately one hundred of these merchants living in London, several of whom held quite high service with the Queen. Doctors Hector Nunez and Roderigo Lopez from Portugal were among the most trusted people in England. Hector Nunez was a qualified physician as well as a merchant engaged in foreign trade on a large scale. Doctor Lopez was a medical attendant to the Earl of Leicester, and in 1586 he obtained the same position with Queen Elizabeth herself.

Another occasion certainly was when Don António, Prior Of Crato (b. 1531, Lisbon d. Aug. 26, 1595), ecclesiastic and claimant to the throne of Portugal, sought refuge in London. António was the illegitimate son of Luís, duke of Beja, brother of King John III of Portugal, and was endowed (1555) with the wealthy priory of Crato. He accompanied King Sebastian (reigned 1557-78), John III’s grandson, to North Africa, where Sebastian was killed (1578) and António captured. On his return to Portugal, António was acclaimed king as António I, in June 1580. However, Philip II of Spain contested his possession of the crown and his army, under the Duke of Alba, defeated António outside Lisbon two months later. The Spanish king then became Philip I of Portugal, and António fled to Paris. With French help, António sent two naval expeditions (1582 and 1583) to the Azores, where he was still recognized as king. Spanish squadrons defeated both of his forces. He next went to England, where he enlisted the assistance of Elizabeth I. He is said to have brought with him a large number of Portuguese to London.

An English fleet under Sir Francis Drake and Sir John Norris effected a landing near Lisbon in support of António in 1589, but the expedition proved a costly failure. Impoverished and in ill health, António returned to Paris, where he planned further expeditions until his death.

By the end of the 16th century, the Marrano Community in England began to decline. This was marked by an up rising of anti-Semitic sentiments in 1594, generated by the conviction of Dr. Lopez of attempting to poison the Queen. About this incident, the chancellor and philosopher Francis Bacon wrote A true report of the detestable treason intended by Dr. Lopez. However it is commonly believed that Hector Lopez was innocent of the crime and that his conviction had more to do with faith than any crime committed against Elizabeth.

It was at the time of the Nunez trial that Shakespeare was writing The Merchant of Venice. The feelings of anger and hatred directed toward Shylock in The Merchant of Venice very much mirror the public sentiment toward Nunez in 1594. After the deaths of Hector Nunez in 1591 and Dr. Lopez and Dunstan Ames in 1594, many of the Marranos living in London moved to the newly established Jewish community in Amsterdam. Those who chose to remain in England after 1594 became completely assimilated into the Christian society.

A small number Marrano families settled in England about 1630, retaining their Catholic guise as it was thought that the edict of Edward I banning Jews from England was still in force. The ban would not be lifted until 1650.

From the site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: International Genealogical Index

Mathew Cooborah. Christening: 20 Oct 1666 Welford, Berkshire, England. Father: Roger Cooborah. Mother: Elizebeth

Ann Cooborah. Christening: 30 Dec 1668 Welford, Berkshire, England. Father: Roger Cooborah. Mother: Elizebeth

Mary Cooborah. Christening: 21 Sep 1673 Welford, Berkshire, England. Father: Roger Cooborah. Mother: Susan

Eliz Cobra. Spouse: Thos Huggins. Marriage: 1683 Stanton Saint John, Oxford, England

John Cobra. Christening: 24 Nov 1689 Great Shefford, Berkshire, England. Father: Thomas Cobra

Robart Cobrah. Christening: 25 Mar 1692 Great Shefford, Berkshire, England. Father: Thomas Cobrah. Mother: Mary

Mathew Cobrah. Christening: 2 May 1696 Great Shefford, Berkshire, England. Father: Thomas Cobrah. Mother: (not rev.)

Martha Coobra. Spouse: Ralph Knapp. Marriage: 9 Jun 1701, Basildon, Berkshire, England

Thomas Cobrah. Christening: 28 Sep 1712 Great Shefford, Berkshire, England.Father: Thomas Cobrah. Mother: Ann

Hannah Cobrah. Christening: 27 Dec 1718 Great Shefford, Berkshire, England. Father: Thomas Cobrah. Mother: Ann

Edward Cobrah. Christening: 16 Oct 1720 Great Shefford, Berkshire, England. Father: Thomas Cobrah Mother: Ann

Thomas Cobrah. Spouse: Margrat Aueary Marriage: 1 Jun 1723 Great Shefford, Berkshire, England

Mathew Cobrah. Christening: 8 Apr 1724 Great Shefford, Berkshire, England. Father: Thomas Cobrah. Mother: Margrat

Mary Cobrah. Christening: 9 Nov 1726 Great Shefford, Berkshire, England. Father: Thomas Cobrah Mother: Margrat

Anne Cobrah. Christening: 25 Apr 1749 Great Shefford, Berkshire, England. Father: John Cobrah. Mother: Anne

Elizabeth Cobrah. Christening: 25 Dec 1751 Great Shefford, Berkshire, England. Father: John Cobrah. Mother: Anne

John Cobrah. Spouse: Mary Bennet Marriage: 1 Sep 1760 Hungerford, Berkshire, England

Hannah Cobrah. Spouse: Stephen Jones Marriage: 17 May 1761 Great Shefford, Berkshire, England

Anne Cobrah. Spouse: Peter Nalder Marriage: 8 Oct 1775 Great Shefford, Berkshire, England


From the site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: International Genealogical Index

Simon Cobra – Christening: 28 Sep 1729 Kirvu, Viipuri, Finland. Father: Michel Cobra. Mother: Elin Sigfredsdr

Petter Cobra – Christening: 2 Jul 1730 Kirvu, Viipuri, Finland. Father: Simon Cobra Mother: Margetta Anddr

Johan Cobra – Christening: 2 Jul 1731 Kirvu, Viipuri, Finland. Father: Joran Cobra Mother: Anna Mattzdr

Anna Cobra – Christening: 27 Dec 1737 Kirvu, Viipuri, Finland. Father: Matz Cobra Mother: Maria Laarsdr

Johan Cobra – Christening: 11 Jul 1753 Kaukola, Viipuri, Finland. Father: Pahl Cobra Mother: Carin Sarkinen

Maria Cobra – Christening: 8 Nov 1769 Kaukola, Viipuri, Finland. Father: Lars Cobra Mother: Catharina Pessi

Catharina Cobra – Christening: 26 Sep 1770 Kaukola, Viipuri, Finland. Father: Anders Cobra Mother: Walborg Pessi

Anna Cobra – Christening: 6 Jul 1785 Kaukola, Viipuri, Finland. Father: Pohl Cobra Mother: Anna Hagli

Elisabeth Cobra – Christening: 17 Dec 1815 Raisala, Viipuri, Finland. Father: Johan Joh Cobra Mother: Catharina Eliae Haukia


From the site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: International Genealogical Index

Jose Tranquilino Filomeno Garcia Cobra – Christening: 6 Jul 1818 Nuestra Senora Del Rosario, Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico. Father: Visente Garcia. Mother: Micaela Cobra


From the site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: International Genealogical Index

Domingo Cobra. Misc: Abt. 1734 Montevideo, Mont, Uruguay. Spouse: Bartola Seguirre

Domingo Cobra. Spouse: Bartola Seguirre. Marriage: Abt. 1765 Montevideo, Mont, Uruguay

Domingo Cobra. Birth: Jul 1766 Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay. Father: Domingo Cobra Mother: Bartola Seguirre


We would appreciate information such as:

a) name and address of persons that belong to the family;

b) their parentage and place of origin;

c) a sketch of their genealogic tree, with events dated and located;

d) any information that might lead to contact with members of the family.

Please e-mail us at CONTACTO.

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